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The Stiga SAB 80 Volt cordless Blower is perfect fot tidying leaves and other lightweight garden debris. Powered by a Stiga 80V Lithium – Ion battery , the DigiTorq brushless motor delivers a controllable jet of air, with a maximum air speed of 56m/s.

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Ths SAB 80 AE  cordless blower is able to provide top performance with very comfortable operation. The axial concept allows the Stiga SAB 80 AE to work as a jet turbine, with the air passing directly through the engine fan. The SAB 80 AE axial blower relies on the power of the 80V technology expressed by premium lithium ion batteries.

Top level performance: 56 m/s of maximum air speed and average air volume of 14.1 m³/min. Battery: the recommended battery is the 2.5 Ah (sold separately). Customers looking for longer working sessions and lighter weight can use the special Stiga battery harness (sold separately) to connect the machine to the 4.0 and 5.0 batteries.

Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.