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The SBL 327 v is a superior blower/vav powered by a 27.6cc 2 stroke engine producing 0.8kW and featuring a maximum air speed 0f 72m/second. Runs on unleaded petrol / 2 stroke mix.

Forget your yard-brush and garden-rake and keep your paths, lawn, patio, decking and driveway tidy the fast, low-effort way using this high-performance petrol blower-vac from trusted Swedish brand Stiga.

Powering the turbine is a high-capacity 27.6cc two-stroke engine that’s characterised by its fuel-efficiency and reduced exhaust-emissions; and which features Easy-Start for a marked 30% cut in starter-cord resistance.

Stiga SBL-327V Petrol Blower-Vac has been equipped with a supremely effective vibration-damping system, whereby the employment of shock-absorbing materials leads to a substantial reduction in hand- and arm-strain.

A handle-mounted throttle, safety-lever and starting-switch ensure maximum comfort and convenience; while a capacious 55-litre collection-bag will keep you going for long periods between breaks for emptying.

In blower mode, the SBL-327V produces an airflow of up to 72m/s; in vac-mode it moves up to 10.2m3 of air every minute.